Blastfighter (1984)

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Blastfighter (1984)
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The Force Of Vengeance

Title:Blastfighter (1984)
Release Date:1984-07-14
MPAA Rating:R
Genres:Action, Drama, Crime
Production Co.:Les Films Jacques Leitienne, Medusa Produzione, National Cinematografica, Nuova Dania Cinematografica
Production Countries:FR, IT , United States of America
Plot: Former cop Jake 'Tiger' Sharp returns to his old hometown after having been in prison for the murder of his wife's killer. Illegal hunting seems to be widespread and inbred rednecks control the city with an iron fist. Jake manages to make himself an enemy to hillbillies and he and his newly found daughter had to flee for their lives. Fortunately, Jake a GAT that can shoot grenades and rockets ...